Established in 1968 as Ara Valf, our company produces valves and parts used in air, steam, cold and hot water circuits with more than 50 years of experience and quality. Apart from our products that are always ready in our stocks, we will be happy to provide you with quality and reasonable prices by evaluating the different material requests that may come from you.


Why should 2 safety valves be installed in the system?

The safety valve is responsible for the safety of your system. It discharges high pressure water and prevents it from damaging your system. However, like every product, the safety valve also has a lifespan. Worn out, worn out, calcified safety valves cannot fully perform their duties and this may lead to major malfunctions or even explosions. For this reason, the existence of another safety valve that can continue to function in case of failure of the product is important both for the system and for occupational health and safety.

Safety Valve Adjusting Bolt Or Water Leaking From The Joints Of The Body Parts. Is the Product Defective?

There is no problem with your safety valve. In cases where the amount of incoming water is much higher than the amount that the product can discharge, water leaks occur from these places as well. This indicates that you have chosen the wrong size of your product and purchasing a relatively larger product will help resolve your issue. For example, if you are experiencing this problem with an 11/4 diameter safety valve, using an 11/2 diameter safety valve would be the right choice.

Should Safety Valve be Maintained?

It is emphasized that the periodic maintenance of the safety valves must be carried out by qualified persons without interruption, among the safety rules to be taken regarding pressure vessels.

After Installation of Pressure Reducer to the System, the Water Was Completely Cut Off. Why?

You should be careful to mount your product in accordance with the direction of the water coming from, paying attention to the direction of the arrow on the product. Reverse-mounted pressure reducers act like reverse-mounted check valves and prevent the passage of water.

What Does the Third Way of Manometer Valves Do?

Our manometer valves are three-way. The third way is to automatically relieve the pressure between the valve and the clock when the valve is turned off after turning the valve to the open position to control the pressure and observing the pressure from the manometer clock.


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