Membrane Safety Valves
Model S130

It can be used in closed circuit heating systems, solar energy systems, pressurized tanks and boiler installations. In addition, it can be used at the exit of the water booster installation, in the utility and fire water installations. In case the pressure determined in the system is exceeded, it is activated mechanically and prevents the fluid from being discharged and the desired pressure being exceeded. In this way, it is included in the system in order to prevent damage to the installations and devices in the system.

Our company reserves the right to make changes in the appearance and technical details of the products.

MEMBRANE SAFETY VALVEMODEL S130 (3-4-6-8-9-10 Bar 110⁰C)
CodeDNMeasurementBox QuantityBar
S13315 E/D1/2″203
S13415 E/D1/2″204
S13615 E/D1/2″206
S13815 E/D1/2″208
S13915 E/D1/2″209
S14015 E/D1/2″2010
S14320 E/D3/4″103
S14420 E/D3/4″104
S14620 E/D3/4″106
S14820 E/D3/4″108
S14920 E/D3/4″109
S15020 E/D3/4″1010
S15425 E/D1″104
S15625 E/D1″106
S15825 E/D1″108
S15925 E/D1″109
S16025 E/D1″1010
S17332 E/D11/4″54
S17432 E/D11/4″53
S17632 E/D11/4″56
S17832 E/D11/4″58
S17932 E/D11/4″59
S18032 E/D11/4″510